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The Durres Experiment

Durres Spacelab 01

Here is a teaser of one building we had to design from last summer for the Durres (AL) urban centre, today still in the phase of preliminary studies.

Links to the project:

Spacelab ITA

Durres Spacelab 02

“Space, the final frontier”: the new Spacelab Logo


The Spacelab Firm has a brand new logo.

At first sight it’s an iconic mark, an hexagon with a curious white picture inside.

But it’s also an open cube in axonometric view, containing an X-Y-Z diagram (as architects, Space is our daily subject). Origin and ends of the axes are four “entities” – cubes too, representing the four founders of Spacelab Architects, directly connected each other.

Down in the hexagon, the words “Spacelab Architects” in a dry and objective Helvetica font.

All others recalls to sci-fi, or to the space-modules collective imagination are, I swear, unintentional. Or it isn’t so?

(here is the official Spacelab Facebook Page)