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We are here!


For those who still don’t know, here you can find the stunning, brand-new Spacelab Architects website:

There is no reason not to go and visit. Comments and suggestions are welcome! See you there! 😉


The Food Container_Remixed selected for the InArch Prize

We are proud to announce that our Food Container_Remixed (2008), in its effort to lead architectural quality of trivial spaces to a higher level, awarded the honorable mention for the “IN/ARCH – ANCE Marche” prize: our “unboxed box” was selected by the jury to compete in the national edition of the IN/ARCH Prize.

Fingers crossed for the coming months…

[…and some good news in the next weeks: stay tuned! ]

30S in the Nordic Pavilion: Spacelab gatecrashes the 2010 Venice Biennale

Increasingly true: appearing counts more than being.

And even Spacelab appears for thirty seconds in the 2010 Venice Biennale, inside the stunning Fehn’s Nordic Pavilion.

“30S” is a crowdsourced video installation project by AGENCY, selected to exhibit at the Nordic Pavilion, acting as ambassadors for SUPERFRONT-NY in collaboration with At Work With.

Thanks to the AGENCY founders Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller, who kindly invited us to contribute, we are in pole position in the continuous, looping Youtube playlist: a still-life of our workspace during last weeks (“Purple Haze” in the background was an unexpected – and uncut – phone call during the filming of the video…). In the words of Ersela Kripa: “The idea is to highlight the every day, mundane, and quotidian of architecture, and what it takes to make architecture”.

The installation will be exhibited inside the Nordic Pavilion fromOct 19 to Nov 22 2010. Enjoy!


World Architecture Awards: XX Building on the podium

World Architecture Awards – 6th cycle: Spacelab’s concept for the ‘XX Building’ in Porto San Giorgio (Italy, 2009) is the first between the ten winning projects selected through the rating of all qualified visitors, with the stunning average of 9,18/10.

For now, public seems rewarding us. Next time, we’ll try to make more efforts to satisfy even the critics … 😉

Thanks to all Spacelab fans and supporters!

Link: World Architecture Awards – 6th cycle

Link to the building project:

World Architecture Awards: the Food Container selected by the votes of visitors

World Architecture Awards – 5th cycle: Spacelab’s classic ‘Food Container_Remixed’ building (Italy, 2007-2008) is among the ten winning projects selected through the rating of all accredited visitors.

Thanks to all those who gave us strenght!!

Link: World Architecture Awards – 5th cycle

The Durres Experiment

Durres Spacelab 01

Here is a teaser of one building we had to design from last summer for the Durres (AL) urban centre, today still in the phase of preliminary studies.

Links to the project:

Spacelab ITA

Durres Spacelab 02

“Space, the final frontier”: the new Spacelab Logo


The Spacelab Firm has a brand new logo.

At first sight it’s an iconic mark, an hexagon with a curious white picture inside.

But it’s also an open cube in axonometric view, containing an X-Y-Z diagram (as architects, Space is our daily subject). Origin and ends of the axes are four “entities” – cubes too, representing the four founders of Spacelab Architects, directly connected each other.

Down in the hexagon, the words “Spacelab Architects” in a dry and objective Helvetica font.

All others recalls to sci-fi, or to the space-modules collective imagination are, I swear, unintentional. Or it isn’t so?

(here is the official Spacelab Facebook Page)

The Food Container on “Arch Daily”

Link to ArchDaily

Link to ArchDaily

The Food Container_Remixed was published last december on Arch Daily, the influent architecture international blog.

There’s also a link to Mimoa (my modern architecture) website, in which is published the geolocalization of the building:


Food Container_remixed



From box to hypercube

This commercial building (surface: 2.500 m2) is a part of a wider urban district planned by Spacelab Architects since 2006 in the city of Porto Sant`Elpidio (Le Marche, Italy), in the course of completion.

The client brief was to realize the maximum formal impact in the limits of precast construction and basic tipology dictated by the commercial function. We intended this limits as an occasion to conduct modularity to new formal results.

Mixing two structural systems {precast concrete grid + metal reticular truss}, the box resulting by urban plan parameters is complicated in the entrance side with a tridimensional prismatic intrusion, distinguished by using glass and other traslucent materials.
The result is a distorsion of perception near the main facade overlooking the public space, inside a more basic frame. The other sides are made by a precast custom-made concrete envelope, which module is denied by a looping abstract texture, visually connecting each panel to the contiguous. Windows are obtained by subtracting material inside the texture pattern.


The Food Container_Remixed was awarded in late 2009 with the World Architecture Awards – 5th Cycle

The Food Container_Remixed was mentioned and selected in January 2011 tho compete the IN/ARCH Prize.

©Spacelab Architects (Arch. Luca Silenzi, arch. Roberto Sargo, arch. Zoè Chantall Monterubbiano, ing. Giampiero Luzi), 2007-2008.

Feb, 17 2009 – Interesting links to this project:

Arch Daily


Night view

Night view

Night view 2

Night view 2

The custom-made precast concrete modular panels

The custom-made precast concrete modular panels

Side view

Side view

Sketch-up early draft

Sketch-up early draft

Next Tirane

Tirana Blocks, 3D simulation

Tirana Blocks, 3D simulation (©Spacelab Architects 2008)

Albania and his major cities are today under the spotlight of international interest in new urban development.

Spacelab Architects® designed this building in the urban center of Tirane, to approach a different kind of intervention in the today otherwise anonymous city landscape.

The design take advantage of the entire volume available for the site: all the levels of the building are designed in order to occupy the previewed maximum area planned by the so called “French Masterplan” for the urban center of Tirane, with variations of the giaciture of perimetral walls between a plan and the other, so to render facades more interesting. The first two plans of the building have commercial function, with wide transparent parts seeing to the streets around. Through an inner green court, which can be closed during the night, four entrance blocks with independent stairs and elevators lead to offices and residential units above.

To the top of the building is a panoramic restaurant, with privileged sight on the Tirana Skyline from a height of approximately 35 meters. The complex is completed by two underground levels of parkings, connected directly with stairs/elevators in order to catch up all the levels of the block.

Design group: Arch. Luca Silenzi, arch. Roberto Sargo, arch. Zoè Chantall Monterubbiano, ing. Giampiero Luzi. ©2008 Spacelab Architects, all rights reserved.

Sketch of the facade solution

Commercial spaces and entrance to the green inner courtyard

Commercial spaces and entrance to the green inner courtyard

The green inner courtyard

The green inner courtyard

Volumes and vertical distribution scheme

Volumes and vertical distribution scheme