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30S in the Nordic Pavilion: Spacelab gatecrashes the 2010 Venice Biennale

Increasingly true: appearing counts more than being.

And even Spacelab appears for thirty seconds in the 2010 Venice Biennale, inside the stunning Fehn’s Nordic Pavilion.

“30S” is a crowdsourced video installation project by AGENCY, selected to exhibit at the Nordic Pavilion, acting as ambassadors for SUPERFRONT-NY in collaboration with At Work With.

Thanks to the AGENCY founders Ersela Kripa and Stephen Mueller, who kindly invited us to contribute, we are in pole position in the continuous, looping Youtube playlist: a still-life of our workspace during last weeks (“Purple Haze” in the background was an unexpected – and uncut – phone call during the filming of the video…). In the words of Ersela Kripa: “The idea is to highlight the every day, mundane, and quotidian of architecture, and what it takes to make architecture”.

The installation will be exhibited inside the Nordic Pavilion fromOct 19 to Nov 22 2010. Enjoy!


World Architecture Awards: XX Building on the podium

World Architecture Awards – 6th cycle: Spacelab’s concept for the ‘XX Building’ in Porto San Giorgio (Italy, 2009) is the first between the ten winning projects selected through the rating of all qualified visitors, with the stunning average of 9,18/10.

For now, public seems rewarding us. Next time, we’ll try to make more efforts to satisfy even the critics … 😉

Thanks to all Spacelab fans and supporters!

Link: World Architecture Awards – 6th cycle

Link to the building project: